Monday, May 23, 2005

What is "Inside Market Research"?

Inside Market Research is my blog about being a practitioner in the marketing research and/or public opinion polling field. Our business is immanently interesting to me -- mainly because we're exposed (through our clients) to many different industries, many different problem sets, and many different solutions or remedies to those problems . . . all on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Unless you exclusively work with just one or two clients in one industry, the opportunity for exposure to numerous business arenas is limitless!

I have some experience with writing an online periodical, having authored the American Cynic newsletter for a number of years (1996-2003), before closing shop out of frustration over our stagnant subscriber numbers [we maxed out at about 2,000 valid e-mail addresses]. Then, of course, blogging really took off. Maybe there's a future in the "New" American Cynic one day.

Anyway, we'll see how far this blog goes. I'm looking forward to posting my thoughts-worth-sharing in the field of marketing research!

-- Gregory Kohs

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At 6:41 PM, May 30, 2005, Anonymous aloma210 said...

As charter recipients of the
late American Cynic, we are pleased to see you back on
the internet.
We look forward to reading
your thoughts-worth-sharing
- on any subject matter.


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