Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Two-Four Tuesday (v.5)

Last week's list of the "Top Five" American industries in the year 1860 generated only 1 comment -- from the indefatigable aloma210. Visitors, if you're reading this sentence, I'd like you to go the extra mile this week and comment, please. According to the 1860 Census, the #2 item was indeed cotton goods ($110 million), and the #4 item was boots and shoes ($90 million).

My reference to #187 on the Fortune 500 (in 2003) was of course Nike. Funny how Nike alone now has the same revenues every 3 days, what the entire American boot and shoe industry collected in a whole year in 1860.

And now, on to today's game. We hope you'll play along again!

I will post the "Top Five" items in a list, except that I'm leaving out the 2nd and the 4th items. Your mission -- comment with your guesses (or "answers", if you're that confident) as to what the missing items are. Don't cheat by looking up the info on the web -- just have fun and take your own guess. I'll give the correct answers the following Tuesday.

Top Five brands of U.S. beer by sales volume, as listed in 1997 on BreweryAge.com.

1. Budweiser (20% market share)
2. ??
3. Miller Lite (9% share)
4. ????
5. Busch (5% share)

(No hints this week, you beer-swilling market analysts.)


At 8:44 AM, June 30, 2005, Anonymous Aloma210 said...

I'll try (2) Old Milwaukee Light
and (4) Coors Light


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