Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Two-Four Tuesday (v.6)

Last week's list of the "Top Five" American beers generated only 1 comment. Please take the time to comment, visitors! According to a 1997 beer market survey, the #2 beer was Bud Light (12% market share) and the #4 brew was Coors Light (7%).

Speaking of beer, it's summertime, and that also means golf. For the very best website on the fusion of beer and golf, you have to check out the Guzzler.

And now, on to today's game. We hope you'll play along!

I will post the "Top Five" items in a list, except that I'm leaving out the 2nd and the 4th items. Your mission -- comment with your guesses (or "answers", if you're that confident) as to what the missing items are. Don't cheat by looking up the info on the web -- just have fun and take your own guess. I'll give the correct answers the following Tuesday.

Top Five safety upgrades in automobiles that have saved the most American lives since 1960, according to a recent finding of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

1. Seat belts (168,524 lives)
2. ??
3. Better door locks (28,902 lives)
4. ????
5. Side-door beams (14,703 lives)

(Your hints are that #2 and #4 are close to the driver, but neither answer is the air bag -- introduced only in the 1990's, air bags haven't had enough time since 1960 to save more than 12,100 lives.)


At 4:46 PM, August 05, 2005, Anonymous Aloma210 said...

Just in case you are holding back on presenting another Two-Four-Tuesday until you get at least
one response to this one, I submit
as number 2: shatterproof glass
and number 4: collapsible steering
wheel. (didn't I already submit this?) I am always up for a quiz
so please keep the TFTs coming.
BTW, don't most blogs require a
login, and not allow anonymous?

At 4:46 PM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Gregory Kohs said...

I believe that most pre-packaged blog-hosting sites allow the owner of the blog to either:

* Allow or disallow any comments
* If allowed, give choice of identified user versus anonymous

Some secondary research would prove this to be true or not, and either primary or secondary research could probably produce a finding that would illuminate what percentage of blogs choose each option.

Indeed, I now recall seeing one blog recently where the owner was allowing comments on some posts, disallowing them on others, and even on some allowing comments then shutting off that option!

Thanks for your Two-Four guesses, Aloma210 . . . perhaps we'll add another installment now.


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